Emergency Response

The following resources are available through the SEAO Emergency Response Committee:

  • Database of SEAO members who are Registered Engineers and/or ATC certified and who may be able to assist with emergency response.
  • ATC-20 Post-earthquake Safety Evaluation of Buildings training for your organization.
  • Resources for local jurisditions and emergency responders.

The Emergency Response Committee is a committee of SEAO charged with developing a plan to assist and provide structural engineering expertise to government entities during, or in preparation for, an emergency event.

The mission statement of the committee is “To provide rapid mobilization of structural engineers from the private sector to assist local emergency management agencies in responding to disasters of such a magnitude that the technical capacities of the government agencies that normally handle such events are overwhelmed”

An emergency can entail flood, large scale accident (i.e. a gas explosion), intentional attack, earthquake, etc.  We are currently focused on post-earthquake response.

Please contact our emergency response committee chair at emergencyresponse@seao.org for more information.

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