The Special Inspections Committee is responsible for the Quality Assurance Guideline.

2019 OSSC Special Inspection

The special inspection committee has updated the special inspection matrix for the 2019 OSSC requirements.  


The Guidelines for the Special Inspection, Testing and Structural Observation Program Based on the 2019 OSSC (SI/T/SO) was prepared by the Structural Engineers Association of Oregon. The intent of this document is to provide a guideline for the structural engineer and/or registered design professional (RDP) to meet the minimum requirements of the 2019 OSSC. The special inspection, testing and structural observation sections have been interpreted from the code, and through consensus of several stakeholders have been provided as a general guideline for the structural engineer, registered design professional, and building official. All projects will have some variation which may or may not be in the realm of the guidelines. The guideline is provided to give the code minimum general requirements of project testing, special inspection, and structural or other professional observation.

It is the responsibility of the structural engineer and/or the RDP to review and modify the guidelines for their specific project. The attached tables in this guideline provide the special inspections and testing that are required by chapter 17 of the Oregon Structural Specialty Code. Additional requirements may be added by the registered design professional. It is recommended that the RDP customize the SI/T/SO programs to include only the specific requirements for the project under consideration. Boilerplate plans and programs should not be used since they may cause confusion and may lead to unnecessary expenditures.

Additions or deletion of items in the guidelines are at the discretion of the registered design professional in cooperation with the owner and the building official. Many methods or materials will have more than one item for testing and/or inspection.

The following Excel files are provided by the SEAO Special Inspection Committee for use

  1. Special Inspection Notes
  2. Special Inspection Tables

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