The Young Member Forum seeks to give associate members a forum for networking.  Our events are designed to foster an exchange of experience and knowledge amongst our members in a social environment. 

On every third thursday of the month we get together for happy hour after work. The happy hours are typically held at a downtown Portland location.  Friends, co-workers, and significant others are welcome to attend! Additionally several times a year we hold a lunch time business type meetings at various offices around downtown. 

  • Co-Chair
    Emma Olds
    VLMK Engineering + Design
  • Co-Chair
    Eric Esqueda
    VLMK Engineering + Design

Minutes, Meeting Notes & Information

If you would like to join our mailing list, have suggestions/comments about events, or would like to help plan an event, please email us at  We would love to hear from you!

​​​​​​​SEAO YMF Education Outreach Needs Your Help!

Over the last few years the YMF has visited over 70 classrooms. If you know of a middle school or high school teacher who is interested in having a couple of YMF members come to their class and give a short presentation about what structural engineering is and what we do and follow the presentation up with a fun activity let us know. 

Ongoing Activities

The YMF group has been activly visiting local High Schools and Middle Schools educating students about structural Engineering. Click here to find out more.

Younger Member Resources

The YMF provides a number of useful resources for its members. If you have additional topics you would like to see or material to put on the page contact us at

PE Exam Resource Guide

Signing up for the PE exam is a time consuming process so know the deadlines and start early. There are several items that can take weeks or months that you should consider

Get FE Verification:

  • Order FE verification early (2 months before application deadline)
  • Be prepared to provide additional information and pay several fees depending on your state. Contact BPELSG and your EIT’s state to determine what you will need to provide. They should know the answer and either tell you then or get back to you. This process can take some time so plan accordingly.
  • There is also an NCEES online resource which can be used to verify your EIT status for all states.  The link to the site is:  Simply fill out the online form and NCEES will send your verification directly to the state board you are applying to.
  • If you got your EIT in the state of Washington you can contact (Nghiem Pham, NPHAM@DOL.WA.GOV) and he will email your verification directly to the state of California (free of charge!)

Get References for Experience:

  • Ask for references early
  • References have to be stamped and sealed and if you are obtaining them from people mailed out of state it can take a while. If applying to take the test in California (it is always best if you can get California PE/SE’s to provide your recommendations (have them use their California stamp if they have multiple).
  • If you perform work in multiple states, make sure the reference is licensed in the state for which the work you are claiming was performed.  On the application form it is allowable to list multiple license numbers for a reference.  The reviewers will not check to see if the reference is licensed in a specific state unless their license number is on the application.

YMF Study Guide:

Members of the YMF who have recently taken the PE exam have put together a resource guide to help you know what to bring to the exam, what to study and in general what to expect. If you are interested in obtaining the study guide please contact us at

PE Exam Materials Library

The YMF is currently compiling a library of materials for the PE and the SE.  To make the testing process as easy as possible, the YMF is putting together a reference library of useful study materials for the PE and SE that members will be able to check out and borrow for the PE or SE. 

Please contact us at if you are interested in borrowing or donating any of these materials.