Mission Statement

The Mass Timber / CLT Committee was formed due to a general increase in the interest of mass timber design and in response to the Oregon Statewide Alternate Method No. 15-01- Cross Laminated Timber Provisions.  The Statewide Alternate Method adopts the CLT provisions included in the 2016 IBC and amends ASCE 7-10, Table 12.2-1 Design Coefficients and Factors for Seismic Force-Resisting Systems, to include Cross-laminated timber shear walls.  While the Statewide Alternate Method provides global seismic design coefficients and factors, it is silent on the design of individual lateral load resistant elements.

 The purpose of the Mass Timber / CLT Committee is to serve as an SEAO member resource for the design of these elements and mass timber buildings in general.  This includes identifying critical design items to consider, providing a summary of design options and providing a database of resources available.  This is intended to be achieved through the following:

  • Mass Timber Database:  This Microsoft Excel document is intended to be a living database of technical and non-technical resources known to the committee.  If there is something you feel is missing from this list, please email the committee chair at the email address noted below. Links have only been supplied for websites that are professional websites.  If you wish to locate information on an item that does not have a link, a “Google Search” can be performed based upon the title and author’s name.  Please read the E-resource disclaimer below. It is the document resource user’s responsibility to conform to any copyright laws for any information they access. The document will be updated periodically based upon SEAO and Mass Timber Committee members’ input.  Download the Excel document below. By downloading this file, the user acknowledges that they have read to and agree to the terms specified in the E-resources disclaimer below.

  • Mass Timber Design Flowchart (to follow):  This flowchart is intended to be a step-by-step process of items to consider for the design of a mass timber gravity or lateral system.  Design options known to the committee will also be included.


  1. CLT Resource Lists without Links.xlsx

E-resources disclaimer

SEAO disclaims all liability of any loss, damage, violation, or copyright infringement resulting or arising when users access and use these resources from the internet. The electronic resources accessible via the Online SEAO website are owned by various publishers and other third parties. Users may only access and use the Resources in accordance with any applicable terms of use including any relevant licence. Use of the Resources is subject to relevant legislation including copyright law. Unauthorized reproduction, lending, hiring, transmission, distribution or use of material forming part of any Resource is prohibited. Most material can be used, copied, printed or downloaded for research or private study and for non-commercial purposes only.  These restrictions are necessary to conform to copyright agreements with the original publishers. All users are expected to use this resource in a responsible manner, consistent with the educational and informational purposes.

Please note, the purpose of the committee is not to provide direct design recommendations.  Rather, our intent is to provide information to help facilitate designs by the Engineer of Record, who must ultimately make their own judgements about the design of individual mass timber elements in absence of more direct code guidance.

Mass Timber / CLT Committee Members

  • Eric McDonnell
    Holmes Structures
  • JoMarie Farrell
    Equilibrium Engineers, LLC
  • Eric Thomas
    City of Portland, Bureau of Environmental Services
  • Michael Munzing
    Munzing Structural Engineering, LLC
  • Jennifer Eggers
    Holmes Structures
  • Jack McCutcheon
    KPFF Consulting Engineers