Oregon’s Structural Engineering Engagement and Equity (SE3) Committee’s mission is to raise awareness and promote dialogue on professional practice issues in an effort to improve engagement and equity in our local structural engineering community.



The goal of SE3 is to be a valuable resource to structural engineers in Oregon and southeastern Washington by focusing our work on often overlooked or avoided aspects of life in our profession to support the success and livelihood of all. 

Our work includes providing a mentorship program to aid in professional growth and retention. It includes providing seminars to disseminate information on important topics such as diversity and inclusion, pay equity, work-life balance, and other inequities. It includes panel discussions and community events which serve a similar purpose: to develop community, improve visibility of underrepresented communities in engineering, and limit harmful gatekeeping impacts.

In order to foster healthy growth in our industry we need safe and equitable workplaces. We work toward improving the well-being of our community and ensuring people from all backgrounds thrive in our industry.

Thank you for your interest in SE3! To join our mailing list and learn about upcoming SE3 events and opportunities please send us an email at se3.seao@gmail.com.

If you have any other questions or would like to get involved please contact the committee chair.

  • Chair
    William Locke
    Grummel Engineering, LLC
  • Member
    Brian DeMeza
    Simpson Strong-Tie
  • Member
    Cliff Horton
    Holmes Structures
  • Member
    Elyssa Adams
    Holmes US
  • Member
    Tomlinn Cox
    Holmes Structures
  • Member
    Tracy Donoghue
  • Member
    Christian Okamoto
  • Member
    Nana Ochiai
  • Member
    Damian Andreani
    Catena Consulting Engineers