The following Quality Assurance Guideline was prepared by SEAO for use on Project Drawings for compliance with the 2012 IBC as amended by the State of Oregon (2014 OSSC). The notes will proceed the tables on a typical set of drawings. The guidelines will Need to be customized for each project, both notes and tables. Cell areas, on the tables, with 'a' or 'b' are to be filled in. Delete items/tables not needed for a specific project. This document is not intended to be boiler plate. Supplement this documents with division one of the specifications as needed.

  1. Cover for the Guidelines
  2. Guidelines
  3. Table 1 Commentary
  4. Table 2 Commentary
  5. Table 3 Commentary
  6. Table 4 Commentary
  7. Table 5 Commentary
  8. Table 6 Commentary
  9. Table 7 Commentary
  10. Table 8 Commentary
  11. Table 9 Commentary
  12. Tables 1-9 (.xls)

Previous Versions of the Special Inspection Matrix

  1. 2009 IBC, Version 3
  2. 2006 IBC, Version 2
  3. 2003 IBC, Version 1