Recognizing the risk of significant earthquakes in the northwest, the Oregon House of Representatives unanimously passed House Resolution 3, which directed the Oregon Seismic Safety Policy Advisory Commission (OSSPAC) to “lead and coordinate preparation of an Oregon Resilience Plan that… makes recommendations on policy direction to protect lives and keep commerce flowing during and after a Cascadia earthquake and tsunami.”  This plan was delivered to the Oregon Legislature in February, 2013. 

To create the plan, OSSPAC engaged over a 170 professionals to form a steering committee, advisory panel, and eight task groups.   One of these task groups was the Critical Buildings Task Group, which included significant contributions from SEAO members:  Ed Quesenberry (co-chair), Trent Nagele (co-chair), David Bugni, Shelly Duquette, Jennifer Eggers, Joe Gehlen, Tonya Halog, Robert Johnson, Kevin Kaplan, Amit Kumar, Dominic Matteri, Anne Monnier, Josh Richards, Tim Rippey, Jason Thompson and Mark Tobin. 

Additional Critical Buidling Task Group documents and library documents are available here.