Oregon Snow Loads White Paper

From the SEAO Snow Load Committee, January 2011: Based on additional new snow data and improved analysis methods, an update to the 2007 Snow Load Analysis for Oregon is being created.  This data will replace the previous 2007 ground snow load map data and will ultimately be made available for site-specific lookup on a website being created through a joint effort of the Prism Climate Group at Oregon State University, the Oregon Building Codes Division and SEAO.  The scope of the current project, methodology, analysis procedures and interim guidelines for snow load determination are discussed in the following white paper.  It should be noted that many of the anticipated design snow loads, particularly at mid and high elevations, have increased from those shown in the 2007 mapping, and it is recommended that the interim guidelines in this report be used for snow load determination in the state of Oregon until new electronic mapping is made available.

  1. Snow Load White Paper January 2011
  2. SEAO Snow Load Tables June 2011

Snow Load Manual

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