If you like PDX now, wait till you see PDX Next. Come learn about the first phase of the Portland International Airport’s expansion, the Terminal Balancing Concourse E Extension Project. KPFF will share how a strong vision, creativity, and team collaboration delivered a resilient building with a unique shape.

About Jim Vodden, PE, SE

Jim has been working on projects at the Portland International Airport at KPFF for the past 20+ years. Jim’s ability to lead projects with complex design and coordination is exemplified in his work; his design knowledge, friendly character and dedication to building strong relationships have earned him the repeat client business as demonstrated by this long-term involvement at the airport.

About Katie Ritenour, PE, SE

Katie has over 13 years of structural engineering experience and places ultimate value on team collaboration. She has worked with a wide range of materials and produced an array of successful systems for many building uses including office, university, 24/7 facilities. Since 2014, Katie has been involved in the airport expansion designs beginning with the Terminal Balancing Concourse E Extension.

About Shannon Lee, PE

Shannon has served as a design engineer working for several high-profile projects in Oregon since beginning her career at KPFF including the Concourse E expansion. She enjoys design that involves thinking through complex problems and finding innovative solutions while maintaining architectural intent.