How to design and build cable trailbridges in a rural and remote environment in order to connect people to basic needs and opportunities? This presentation will give the audience a general understanding of the main aspects of the design and construction practice followed by Bridges to Prosperity (

About Nicola Turrini

When I decided to become a civil engineer, I was quickly interested in focusing my career on structures, particularly bridges. In 2014, after completing my masters degree in civil engineering, the opportunity to work as a civil engineer for Fhecor Consulting Engineers in Spain changed my life. In Madrid, I gained experience in international bridge design, and developed personally and professionally in an international and multicultural background; I also improved my English and Spanish. During this time, I continued to pursue my teenage passion of music, and played in several different bands. When I learned of B2P in 2014, I reassessed my priorities within both my professional and personal life, which ultimately led to joining B2P’s mission in Nicaragua as a Bridge Corps Fellow in 2016. After spending nine life changing months in Central America, and building eight different bridges for rural Nicaraguan communities, I decided to continue to positively impact the world with B2P. I currently work for Bridges to Prosperity in Rwanda, as the Engineering Manager.