We will explore how code is adopted, what are the bounds of OSSC, and where the code breaks down. We would also discuss how to apply engineering judgment in ambiguous situations.

We will talk about how to tackle serviceability items such as fire requirements, deflection, and vibration criteria, as well as some of the construction field-fix items such as bowstring truss repair, etc.ly engineering judgment in ambiguous situations.

About Kyle Kraxberger, SE

Kyle Kraxberger, SE, is an Associate Principal at DCI Engineers in Portland. Coming from a contracting family, Kyle developed his early basic construction and engineering skills by building houses. Since joining DCI Engineers in 2012, he has vast experience with retrofitting existing buildings, new construction, demolition work, and construction fixes around Portland and beyond. Kyle enjoys working on diverse teams where he can provide unique, innovative, and collaborative designs. He acquired his Master of Engineering from Portland State University.