Marc Sokol, a structural engineer with Intel, will present a summary of the forensic investigation of the July 17, 1981 walkway collapse at the Hyatt Regency in Kansas City.  The presentation includes:

  • Overview of the Structural Framing of the Walkways
  • Field Investigation of the Collapse
  • Review of Design/Construction Documents
  • Testing of Walkway Components
  • Destructive Testing of Mockup Box Beam Connections
  • Determination of Walkway Loads at Time of Collapse
  • Building Code Analysis of Connection Design
  • Evolution of the Connection Detail
  • Responsibility and Contributing Human Factors

About Marc Sokol

Marc Sokol, M.S., P.E. (CA), S.E. (AZ) has been a structural engineer for 24 years.  His experience includes special structural inspection and structural design of commercial, institutional and industrial structures with Paragon Structural Design; forensic investigation and expert witness testimony of structural and foundation failures with Rimkus Consulting Group; and currently as a structural system owner for Intel Corporation.