Ever-Changing Structural Provisions of Our Building Codes

Where and When
Thursday, November 15, 2018
8:00 A
Embassy Suites Hotel & Conference Center
9000 SW Washington Square Rd
Center Portland, Oregon


Ever-Changing Provisions of Our Building Codes This Seminar is largely about major, far-reaching changes in our wind and seismic provisions in the last 15 to 20 years. This will include the very substantive changes in wind as well as seismic design provisions from ASCE 7-10 to ASCE 7-16, which will be reflected in our next code. It will also include the substantive changes that are seriously being considered for inclusion in ASCE 7 beyond its 2016 edition. These changes will alter seismic design practice materially and Dr. Ghosh has concerns about them, which he would like to share with us. This is a chance to review where we have been and gives us a look to the future with the insight of someone who has been intimately involved in the structural code development process.
1. An Overview of the History and Development of Wind and Seismic Provisions
2. ASCE 7-10 to ASCE 7-16 Substantive Changes to Wind as Well as Seismic Design Provisions
3. Seismic Design Practice beyond ASCE 7-16: Substantive Changes Being Considered


S. K. Ghosh Ph.D., is a highly acclaimed speaker and author on seismic related issues and concrete design, and has been involved with the development of national codes and standards.




($175.00) Ever-Changing Structural Provisions of Our Building Codes -

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