Cal OES SAP training

Where and When
Thursday, October 25, 2018
8:00 A
KPFF Consulting Engineer’s office
26th Floor
111 SW Fifth Ave.
Portland, OR


There will be a Cal OES SAP training provided by SEAO on October 25 starting at 8:00am.  Cal OES SAP training is based on ATC-20, ATC-45 and some basic FEMA emergency response courses and is designed to prepare engineers and architects to perform post-earthquake building inspections to determine if they can be occupied after an event or aftershock.  Qualified attendees will be entered into California’s responder database as possible volunteers for future events and will be provided with a Cal OES ID card.  Additional information is available on the Cal OES website at: PDH’s will be provided for attendees through SEAO.


Private individuals (non-public employees) are not yet being accepted by the State of Oregon for emergency response so the course does not make attendees acceptable for deployment in the eyes of the state; However, the SEER committee recommends this course, or an ATC-20 course, be taken by as many private engineers as possible so that when there is an emergency, jurisdictions will have more options for help. 





Coffee, Snacks and Lunch will be provided. 

Please contact Jane at if you have dietrary restrictions.