ASCE 41 Workshop/seminar

Where and When
Thursday, July 19, 2018
1:00 P
2020 SW 4th Ave.  Lincoln Conf. room (1st Floor)
Portland, OR,97201

Seating is limited so please RSVP as soon as possible.  In case the number of registrations exceed the seating capacity preference will be given to people who have submitted questions and topics for discussions and SEAO members. Further restrictions may be placed on number of people from each firm.




Bureau of Development Services, City of Portland and the Structural Engineers of Oregon (SEAO) are   pleased to sponsor a workshop on the use of ASCE-41. ASCE 41 is currently the required standard to be used in seismic upgrades for existing building undergoing a change of occupancy or a major renovation in the City of Portland. These requirements are in City code, Title 24.85. There appears to be some consternation on use of ASCE 41 due to the complexity and unfamiliarity with the code which has led to misapplication or incomplete application of the code.

The purpose of the workshop is to bring forth issues and concerns structural engineers from around the Portland metro area have encountered in the use of ASCE 41 and learn from each other’s experience. The goal in the end is to end up with a better understanding of the provisions and intent of ASCE 41 and issue related to their application. The focus will be on the URM provisions and requirements. This will be an interactive workshop with some presentations but mostly focused on questions and discussions. At the end of the workshop we hope to have an identified common issues and possible approaches to addressing them with an ultimate goal of establishing an acceptable standard of practice in applying the provisions of ASCE 41 and also identify areas that may need further development in ASCE 41.


To guide us in this effort, Bill Tremayne, Principal with Holmes Structures in San Francisco and member of the ASCE 41 committee and Co-Chair of ASCE 41-17 Sub-Committee for Masonry will help facilitate the discussion. Bill will also provide a case study using ASCE 41 for a seismic upgrade for a URM building and information on major changes ASCE 41-17 from the 2013 edition. Bill would like to hear from the practitioners such as yourselves on issues that need to be addressed for the next edition of ASCE 41. 






We request all those interested in attending the workshop to submit their questions and/or concerns or issues and topics that they would like to have addressed. Please, submit your questions as soon as possible but no later than July 6th, 2018 to Amit Kumar at Seats to the workshop are limited and priority will be given to those who submit questions and topics/issues for discussion.