Frequently Misunderstood Seismic & Wind Related Topics of ASCE 7

Where and When
Thursday, October 19, 2017
7:30 A
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FREQUENTLY MISUNDERSTOOD Seismic & Wind Related ASCE 7-10 PROVISIONS                                                  ASCE 7-10 provisions related to the following topics have generated many questions from users of the document. Important clarifications will be provided, which should lead to a better understanding of the provisions.

  1. Enclosure Classification for Wind Design
  2. Gust Effect Factor
  3. Rigid vs Flexible Diaphragms
  4. Redundancy
  5. Drift and Building Separation
  6. Seismic analysis Procedure Selection
  7. Seismic Load Effects Including Overstrength Factor
  8. Structural Walls and Their Anchorage
  9. Seismic & Wind Design of Parapets
  10. Structural Irregularities and Direction of Seismic Loading

S. K. Ghosh, Ph.D., President, S. K. Ghosh Associates Inc
Sandra Hyde, PE, Senior Staff Engineer, ICC Code Development

S. K. Ghosh Ph.D., is a highly acclaimed speaker and author on seismic-related issues and concrete design, and has been involved with the development of national codes and standards.

Sandra Hyde, PE, is with the International Code Council (ICC) Code Development Group.  She develops books and seminars about the structural provisions of the International Building Code (IBC).




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